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Private Lessons and Sessions

Do you want to be tied by me or for me to teach you rope? 

I give private rope sessions and tuition from my home in Borås Sweden.

I will help you find what is needed to take your tying to the next level and will guide you through the process at your pace. beginner to advanced.

I will also do my utmost to ensure you get the best experience with your ropesessions, tailored to what you want to explore.

If you´re not sure what you want to learn or do, no worries I will help you to make sure you feel comfortable and find what Is best suited for your individual needs with my pletora of skills and abilities.

I also offer Photosessions.

Please Contact me to book your private lesson/session


sincerely  Lahtnor 


Lessons 60 per hour

Sessions 100 per hour

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