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I started out in the music scene as a very energetic musician. Using my guitar up on stage I made the crowd go wild. That sense of time and rhythm gained from my previous stage experiences is what I use today in my rope performances.

My goal is to capture my audiences attention, evoking strong emotions while adding compelling stories to make the rope part of something bigger than just a body in space and patterns.

I put strong emphasis in my overall vision for my performances.

A narrative created and shared between me, my model and the audience. I'm mixing music in my studio and every now and then I also create additional visuals to show something new and exciting for each show. A great deal of showmanship and theatrics goes along with the high level of skill required to perform the dangerous parts I often add into my stage performances. All to make it flow, giving high levels of impact and immersion for the viewer.

As a contrast to the high level of perfection I put into my performances I don't plan everything in detail. I thrive for improvisation and I love to see everything that happens on and off stage in the heat of the moment as a catalyst for new experiences.

These are the building blocks that makes my shows excitingly fun, sometimes unpredictable and an unforgettable experience for so many people.

To view some of my performances navigate to my video page and take a look above at some moments captured from around the world



I have been a teacher for most of my adult life, both in music & fitness. Teaching enables me to grow as a person, as well as seeing how my teaching has an impact on other people makes it truly remarkable.

My rope style involves stable structures, efficient tying, using ropes for the body at hand and not copy paste patterns.

I want my students to be challenged enough in my workshops and private lessons for them to fully grow. I also give emphasis in taking enough time for them to hone in special skills. Sometimes showing a lot of techniques makes a teacher feel that they have accomplished a lot but at the expense of the student not fully grasping each concept. Safety is key and what I want to give to my students so that they can push for great experiences while making sure they understand what each movement and friction in their tying will create.

I travel all over the world to teach. I teach everyone from beginners to advanced, floorwork to aerial transitions, in private and in groups. Besides teaching how to tie I have a lot of workshops dedicated to the why. Workshops where you dive deep into the mind and play with your expectations of tying and being in ropes. Experiences with pain, strong emotions fear and immense joy.

I teach workshops and private lessons in my hometown of Boras Sweden. These lessons will provide you with my full attention on your progress and tuition based on your skills and needs to become greater than before.

I also give private rope sessions, where you get to be tied by me and experience the joys of rope.

If you want to book me to come teach or perform at your ropescene, club, event or in private please do not hesitate to contact me directly to work out the details, prices and complete list of skills and topics I teach.

I'm happy to travel anywhere I'm needed and always look forward meeting new and lovely people.

You will find all of my upcoming performances and workshops on the Event page.

Sincerely Lahtnor 

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